Cinque Barili Balsamic Vinegar - 5 barili


Cinque Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has been aged for a minimum of five years.

This Balsamic has a much more mature taste than the vinegars usually found in supermarkets. It is a good introduction for those who have never sampled just how good Balsamic Vinegars can be. A great gift idea.

This is the 250mL bottle. Each bottle comes with its own beautiful container, and a cork stopper.

This is a versatile Balsamic for everyday use.

Suggested for use with:
Salads with a drop of olive oil, meats such as beef, poultry or fish (just before serving), with parmigiano reggiano or other cheeses, to brighten up a pasta dish. You can even have it with plain vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

Price: $35.00