Crema all'Aceto Balsamico - Aromatic Balsamic Cream - Large


Crema all'Aceto Balsamico
(The large is bottle in the middle of the picture)
Made in Modena with a combination of grape must and aged balsamic vinegar. Because of the rich, creamy composition it compliments numerous culinary dishes.

Comes in an easy to use plastic squeezer bottle.
This bottle contains 500mL
The creamy result of a reduction of Balsamic Vinegar.

Decorating the plate, add a few sprigs of mint, parsley or a swirl of olive oil. Use as is straight from the bottle or add to an olive oil for a salad dressing,or a dip with fresh bread and tapas. Also great to use as a marinade. Why not add your own herbs freshly picked to make your own creamy Balsamic sauce...? mmmmm.
The plain cream is now only in this size

Price: $28.00