Garlic And Rosemary Balsamic Cream


Crema Balsamico di Aglio e Rosmarino
This is a delicious Balsamic cream which is very popular for use in cooking!
Comes in a handy 250 ml plastic squeezer bottle.

This is the leftmost bottle in the picture
The syrupy reduction of Balsamic Vinegar flavoured with garlic and rosemary, an ideal kitchen counter top friend. Also with White Truffle, Pear and Nuts and plain.

Suggested for use with:
Marinades especially for use with Chicken, Veal or Lamb. Drizzle over advocado, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes. Add to an olive oil as a dressing for salads or dips. Decorate the plate with the easy to use controlled pourer.
Our other tastes are Raspberry, White Truffle, Plain, Garlic and Rosemary , Pear and Nut, these are 250 mls. The equaly delicious Plain also comes in a 500 ml bottle.

Price: $19.00