White Truffle Balsamic Cream


Crema Balsamica di Tartuffo
This is a delicious Balsamic cream which is very popular for use in cooking and garnishing meals!
Comes in a handy 250mL plastic squeezer bottle.
This is the bottle to the right in the picture
Concentrated Balsamic Vinegar flavoured with white truffles. These two combine together to produce an exquisite taste, with hints of savoury and sweet.

Also available in Pear and Nut, Rosemary and Garlic, and Crema. Why not collect them all!?

Suggested for use with:
Marinades, sauces, dips, decoration purposes.

Our delicious reductions come inother flavours too! Why not try our Raspberry, Pear and Nut, Garlic and Rosemary or our plain, these all come in a 250 ml bottle.The plain comes in a 500 ml bottle too.

Price: $19.00