Extravecchio Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - 25 years aged


Extravecchio Balsamic Vinegar

Aged for a minimum of 25 years

Carries the revered D.O.P. 'Protected Origins' label ensuring the balsamic is of the highest quality.

The dark brown liquid is full of warm light. It has a dense syrup-like consistency, with a distinct fragrance. It offers a full and complex flavour.

For people who appreciate the ultimate in Balsamic vinegars - this is perfection.

This Extravecchio Balsamic is beautifully presented in its own gift box complete with a booklet containing recipes and information. It also comes with its' own pourer an attractive addition to the bottle.

The flavour is so intense that a teaspoon is usually more than enough to enhance any meal. A little of this really does go a long way.

Every aspect of the production, from where the grapes are grown, which grapes are included, how the must is cooked, how the ageing occurs and how the quality standards are met is rigourously controlled according to traditions older than the Treaty of Waitangi (some say 800+ years older!). This Balsamic Vinegar goes excellently with antipasti - especially Parmigiano Reggiano, game meats of all kinds, salads, vanilla ice cream and a whole lot more!

Contents: 100mL

The bottle is itself a work of art, they were specifically designed by Giugiaro Design - often called Italdesign - for D.O.P. Balsamic Vingear of Modena. They are reserved only for this purpose.

Price: $190.00