Otto Barili Balsamic Vinegar - 8 barili


Otto Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has been aged for a minimum of eight years.

This Balsamic has a potent, mature taste and is a good introduction for those who have never sampled just how good the best Balsamic Vinegars are.

This is a 250mL bottle

This is an affordable, versatile, potent Balsamic. A fragrant, rich smell, you will find a hundred ways to use this.

Suggested for use with:
Drizzle over salads, with a touch of our extra virgin olive oil, add to roasted meats, roasted vegetables, poultry or fish. Delicious with raw, baked, stir fried and smoked fish.Use over steamed vegetables, or vegetables that have been stir fried. Try our otto with parmigiano reggiano or other cheeses, use the attractive pourer for just the right amount for a pasta dish. You can even have it with plain vanilla ice cream and strawberries!! Add to the dish before serving.

Price: $40.00